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Latest News Registered more than 2.5 Million Wallets in a Year

This week reached an important milestone in its development - for the last year the service registered 2.5 million new crypto wallets. Fro...

  2 days ago

TenX CEO: Bitcoin Can Hit $60000 in 2018

The co-founder and President of the crypto payment startup TenX Julian Hosp says that the price of Bitcoin can hit $60,000 in 2018. He told this on t...

  6 days ago

What Bitcoin Needs to Become Bullish Again?

Bitcoin cannot exceed the $6000 level for long time. The recent drop on July 10th returned the price of Bitcoin to this year's minimum. With this cont...

  7 days ago

Bitcoin in Good Fit - Says Binance CEO

Binance CEO and founder Changpeng Zhao considers that Bitcoin still holds good positions despite 70% correction in the beginning of 2018. In January ...

  1 week ago

Six Largest Mistakes in the History of Bitcoin

Everyone makes mistakes. However, consequences may vary and, related to Bitcoin, a simple typo can cost millions. Let's look into six most dangero...

  2 weeks ago