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Bitcoin is Dead… 309 Times

2018-09-11 12:50:30

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Bitcoin is Dead… 309 Times

Fake news that Goldman Sachs refuses from their plans to open a desk for trading crypto currencies led to a yet another drop of the cryptocurrency market lasting from 5 to 9 of September. Many crypto traders and enthusiasts were disappointed as they hoped that guys from Wall Street would reanimate the market. As a result, the Bitcoin community began passing an opinion that Bitcoin is dead.

It turned out that Bitcoin “died” many times. In accordance with the website, mass media announced that Bitcoin died 309 times since 2010. Now the market stabilizes and we see that Bitcoin is not going to disappear, as well as Ethereum, Ripple, DASH and other crypto.

The latest market drop was not something new to Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. Taking into account, how many times Bitcoin was announced dead, it becomes obvious that BTC will “die” and “die” again. However, this does not mean that such news will correspond to the facts.

Meanwhile, the latest Bitcoin price prediction says that it will float within the $6000-$7000 corridor for the next week.

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