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The recent news of the cryptocurrency world was filled with an appearance of new GAS cryptocurrency. There is a lot of information regarding its connection to the NEO project and this article is covering the basic points of their relationship and how it is possible to acquire GAS tokens through NEO project. What is NEO project NEO project is a specific platform that was developed for the creation of new tokens and ... Read more

Practically all spheres of human activity have a specific type of slang that is used between the representatives of group for a better cooperation and for a more productive work. Very often for a person that is not well versed in the field where the jargon is used such a language might seem some mysterious code of the secret society. The sub group of people who are working in the branch of cryptocurrency have already formed their specific slang although it is quit... Read more

Most people who are not educated with the term of mining consider it some sort of making money out of nowhere. However, this idea is not entirely correct. The article will cover basic misconceptions regarding mining to make the picture clearer for people who want to know more about this trend in the society.    The Mining Income Is Constant and Stable The profit which comes out of mining can never be considered a... Read more

The controversial cryptocurrency Ripple has managed to win a lot of popularity from feverish hype of Bitcoin. It is slowly attracting the attention of people who can start investing funds helping it to grow in both price and popularity. The thing that troubles people the most is that if it worth of investing or is it some sort of an inflated fraud. Let’s... Read more

Under the light of madness that was caused by the fluctuations of Bitcoin in the last year a serious potion of attention was missed to those cryptocurrencies which remained in shadow though continued to develop and grow. The best known example among such unnoted candidates is the Litecoin. This is number four among the most capitalized representatives of the crypto world. The tempos of grows were truly amazing. It managed ... Read more

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