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07 March 2018, 10:40

Creation of Etherium – the Man Who Had a Dream

The total capitalization of Etherium consists of billiards of dollars. However, the creator of the currency, Vitalik Buterin, was never interested in financial investments. His attention was linked to the principle of Bitcoin’s work. He wished to transform it into something greater as he thought that is was not so perfect. As a result the idea took the flesh of the platform that is proudly titled the world decentralized computer – the Etherium system.

Creation of the Conception

Although Vitalik was born in Russia, he moved to Canada when he was only six years old. His first meeting with a computer took place when he was only 4 and his attention was caught not by games but by the excel charts.

He became seriously interested in programming when he was ten, while reading the book on C++ language. That was probably his first great inspiration source. He entered the Canadian university but didn’t finish it as he faced the first passion of his life, not a girl, but Bitcoin.

He decided to test the liveliness of the crypto money, but he didn’t have a machine that was powerful enough for mining. He decided to earn the money with his brain, by writing the articles on Bitcoin and getting ones as a fee. In such manner he earned the first 5 BTC (about $15000 as per current exchange rate). This affair granted him an excellent potential for further investigations. He took a closer look at the development of a new technology with a potential that could shake the world, although it is invisible to most people.

At first he made separate adjustments based on Bitcoin which were not interconnected. That was the moment when he came up with an idea to use the blockchain procedure to develop a universal computer code – Etherium that can be programmed to perform any type of task that is based on algorithm principle.

The Dream of Life

For the creator of the crypto currency Etherium is not the means of fund raising, but the brightest idea that can transform the society of the entire world. A strong believes in this ideal helped to gather a team of people with similar position and they managed to develop a well-thought financial entity. Thus, Etherium is not a business but a conception that gathers thousands of people around.

As per Buterin’s words, he and his team developed the Etherium to make the financial world more transparent and free from the monopoly of huge banking conglomerates. He sees them as the threat that takes the riches from people. He boldly states that there are no limits to the applicability of his system and it can be used in various branches of science. It is the safest means of incognito bank transfer without any commission payment. In future the system can be used as election counting tool.

With such a tempo of development of the crypto currency 23 years old programmer can reach the peak of financial prosperity, becoming one of the richest people on Earth.  

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