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CryptoKitties Madness Is Capturing the World

2018-02-18 12:48:38


The end of the last year and the beginning of the new one were highlighted with a variety of events in the world of crypto currencies. The world was shaken with the fluctuation of the market of the Bitcoin when 1BTC skyrocketed to 15 thousands USD. Another overhyped event that was signifying not only for people who deal with crypto currency, but for those who are crazy about cats was caused by the appearance of a new online game.

AxiomZen created an amazingly stylish game that was based on the procedure of blockchain through the use of Ethereum cryptocurrency. It would be surprising to hear that currently the share of the Ethereum’s traffic that belongs to the CryptoKitties is over 15.5% and is constantly growing. The most amazing thing regarding this game is the opportunity to get some serious sum of money while playing an interesting game.

The Goal of the Game

The aim of the game is quite simple actually – Gotta Breed ‘Em All. It’s the same as Pokémon game but the kitties can actually bring some money. You should breed the kitties, take care of them and sell them, of course. The process is similar to mining in various aspects but you need to participate in the process of calculating the blockchain. It is necessary to develop a personal strategy of breeding and investment for achieving the best kittens. There are 40 billiards of possible variations of kitties and the target of the whole gaming process is to create to the most unique phenotypes of kittens and sell them at most beneficial price.

Like every operation in mining is unique, every kitten in the game is unique as well with an individual code that, according to the rules of blockchain process cannot be copied. Each crypto kitty has got the following parameters:

  • Each kitty has got a generation line that can be traced to the original first generation.
  • The uniqueness of the breed means a higher profit, so breeding is an important process.
  • The cheapest kitty costs about $15, while the most expensive one costs over $14,000. The next breeds are sure to cost even more.
  • Each creature is a totally one of kind species.
  • The kitty cannot die and exists eternally (unless the system breaks down).
  • The kitties are unisex and each kitty can become either mom or dad. The kids inherit the top characteristic features of the parents with various rate of proportion. There might be several differences depending on the phenotype of the parents.

The Earning Opportunities

The earning is very simple. The game speculates on the love of people towards kittens and there are special auctions where breeders can sell their creations. The more successful the breeder is, the more money it is possible to earn. This game has given a trend to a variety of other similar games but still you will agree that kitties are real rulers of the Internet.

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