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25 February 2018, 12:52

Ethereum VS Bitcoin – the Difference Does Exist

The current tendency of ecurrency development attracts more and more attention with each day. Both economic and financial communities start showing a great insight into the development of crypto currency. The greatest potion of attention is granted to two giants of the crypto currency world – Bitcoin and Ethereum.

They possess a great potential and are the most popular ecurrencies in the world. Although each of them is based on the same principle of blockchain there are still some fundamental differences which attract both miners and investors.

Fundamental difference

Ethereum is a special platform and at the same time the integration process of the applications that are based on blockchain technologies. In this aspect it is similar with Bitcoin. However, the aim of the Bitcoin is the creation of a single decentralized currency while the software is the means of acquisition.

Ethereum is both a platform, a programming language and a complex of software for the creation of product, while the currency itself is a side product. Bitcoin is the entity that is a goal itself and software that is the final product and constantly developing digital organism.

Both resources can be mined. However, the mining of Bitcoin is based on special integrated systems that are titled ASICs. They were created because of increased difficulty of blockchain process. The prices for the equipment and for electricity use are incredibly high. Ethereum can be mined via graphic adapters but the price of the currency is relatively lower.

Bitcoin is the most popular currency but it suffers from great fluctuations of selling prices. There are numerous exchange points where the currency can be utilized. In this aspect Ethereum loses as it is not as wide spread but the system is known for stability and is more advisable for people who want to secure themselves.

Who Will be Victorious in the End

Both crypto currencies are worthy rivals and the recent skyrocketing and downfall of the Bitcoin has caused a lot of hype regarding this currency. The drawing of attention means the growth of popularity. The popularity dictates the rates and when Bitcoin will lose the portion of fame it will obviously go to Ethereum as it tends to be safer and more stable. The future of ecurrencies lies on the shoulders of the manufacturers of hardware as the blockchain process is an irreversible process and new more powerful equipment will be necessary after several successful operations.


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