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The Coexistence of GAS Cryptocurrency and Connection with NEO Project

2018-05-21 14:33:13

#Cryptocurrency #Neo
The Coexistence of GAS Cryptocurrency and Connection with NEO Project

The recent news of the cryptocurrency world was filled with an appearance of new GAS cryptocurrency. There is a lot of information regarding its connection to the NEO project and this article is covering the basic points of their relationship and how it is possible to acquire GAS tokens through NEO project.

What is NEO project

NEO project is a specific platform that was developed for the creation of new tokens and electronic coins. It came to existence after the rebranding of another popular project – Ant Share. Due to its similarity to Etherium as per functional spectrum NEO is often titled as a Chinese Etherium.

It has become very attractive to the programmers as it is possible to create the project by means of popular programming languages like C# and JAVA. Most of the programmers are well-experienced in these two languages as they are basics of the basics.

What is GAS cryptocurrency

Putting it simple, GAS is one of the paying means that are utilized within the NEO platform. It is a derivative currency that was born out of NEO. A total capitalization of the currency has jumped over 2 billiard limit and is now occupying the seventh place according to a popular coinmarketcap service.

It was issued in a limited number of 100 000 000 tokens that is equal to those of the NEO currency. This was done in order to emphasis their interconnection not only by origin but also by their algorithm principle.

The acquisition of GAS currency

There are several means of obtaining the GAS cryptocurrency. The first means is the direct purchase at popular cryptocurrency stock markets like Binance, Poloniex and Kucoin. However, you should pay attention to the fact that the bargains are performed by means of Bitcoin.

The second means of obtaining the GAS tokens is more attractive and easier for the investors as there is no need to purchase anything at all. All you have to do is storing the NEO coins in your wallet and you will receive GAS coins as reward. Basically you will receive 10% percent of GAS coins out of all stored NEO coins per year.

However, it is important to use the wallet that supports both types of the cryptocurrency as a native NEO wallet, for example.

To finalize everything, we can boldly state that the perspective of GAS seems to be quite bright. Due to limited amount of tokens the price of GAS tokens might skyrocket. The recent forecast stated that NEO currency will achieve 100usd per unit, while GAS will achieve 60usd till the end of 2018. NEO forecast


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