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12 March 2018, 17:55

Using Bitcoin Forecast for Short Term Cryptocurrency Trade and Investments

The Bitcoin price is the thing that interests a lot of people who deal with cryptocurrency. Right now it is the most influential electronic currency among all. Using Bitcoin forecast can help greatly in potential trading and investing business.

There are two basic approaches for predicting the changeability of Bitcoin rate.

  • Basic analysis – this analysis is based on the long term study of the crypto currency and its specifications. The rate changeability is based on the popularity and the potential development of the electronic money.
  • Immediate analysis – this analysis generates procedural exchange rate that is based on the transactions conducted within a certain period of time.

Certainly a short termed investment is better with immediate analysis but the basic analysis will also play a great role for trading business.

The peculiarities of the crypto market

Traders with experience of fund market trading face some difficulties during the work with cryptocurrency stock exchange. The price of the funding differs greatly from their actual value. The trading of the cryptocurrency is not regulated by anyone so it’s not a surprise that some dirty tricks and manipulations are possible.

The investment is advisable when the Bitcoin price is regulated by some system and when the exchange rate is secured. Large scale operations should be avoided due to active fluctuations of the crypto market.

More potential growth

The most recent Bitcoin forecast shows that there will be a growth of organizations which will invest into Bitcoin. The 2018 is promising to bring a lot of changes. With the growth of interest to the electronic money the price will slowly increase. As we have observed in 2017 the rise of the price can be truly tremendous. So investing is wiser at the fall of the rate as it carries the potential of growing and bringing more money.

Governmental Impact

The situation is not as winning as it might seem. There are some sources of influence which can change the paradigm of crypto trading. Some of the leading world governments are showing interest in the Bitcoin.

If some political regulations will be added to the trading policy, there is a certain risk of degradation in price. There is a risk of price lowering by 25%. However, this scenario is the least possible one as it will disrupt the aim of the crypto currency – independent money.   

It won’t be a surprise that volatility will go on and on and the investors should be ready for a wild ride when timely selling and buying can greatly change the financial state of the cryptocurrency owner.


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