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Wolf of Wall Street: We See Bitcoin’s Last Days

2018-06-26 20:48:01

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Wolf of Wall Street: We See Bitcoin’s Last Days

Jordan Belfort known as the Wolf of Wall Street considers that death of Bitcoin is inevitable. He told this in the video published on Youtube. At his opinion, the current struggle of BTC for its value is neither more nor less than a beginning of the end of popular cryptocurrency. He called HODLers to admit inevitable breakdown of Bitcoin as a currency, though he noted that the blockchain technology could become promising.

According to Belfort, numerous price drops in June 2018 mean that Bitcoin moves to its “last days”. The Wolf of Wall Street continued that such situation, reducing the value of Bitcoin, was inevitable. To explain fatality of Bitcoin, Belfort provided examples from his own past, by using manipulations on the stock market.

Belfort is assured that the perceived value of Bitcoin is in the category of a “more absolute theory of fools”. Thereat Belfort accused supporters of the Bitcoin theory, such as John McAfee, in intentional misinforming of the crypto community.

Despite negative feedback about Bitcoin, the Wolf of Wall Street admits that the blockchain technology is a promising phenomenon. He also noted that there are several currently several valuable cryptocurrencies on the market.

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